Episode: Breddos Tacos

In the Season 2 premiere of Tacocity, we head to London, England to talk with Nud Dudhia of Breddos Tacos about his rise from a cart on the corner to 2 blockbuster locations, and arguably the best tacos on the continent!

“It was me learning as I’d never had formal chef training. I’d use the shack going on two years, a year and a half, as my vehicle to learn new things. So we’d get a full quarter of a cow and then I’d learn how to break that down watching YouTube. I would get fish in and we’d break that down. It just became an experimentation platform.” -Nud Dudhia

Breddos Tacos is located at

82 Goswell Rd, London, England EC1V 7DB


26 Kingly St, Carnaby, London, England W1B 5QD

Listen to the episode:

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