Episode: Habanero Cartel – Kill Sauce

The Habanero Cartel. In a time & place when peppers are the world’s currency, one man is brave enough to make a sauce to rule them all – Kill Sauce. This week, we sit down with Ryan Demirjian and talk hot sauce – why he created them (using all natural ingredients) and why he founded the Habanero Cartel!

“I started to create this world behind the product in my head. Thinking of it from a cinematic perspective. It turned in to this other world, like a dystopian future or past, it doesn’t matter which. Where peppers are essentially – because I use fresh peppers and focus on the flavor. Seeing a box of peppers I started to feel like – what if this box of peppers is currency? –Ryan on the origin of the name behind Kill Sauce

Listen to the episode:

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Kill Sauce is located at:

Smorgasburg LA or www.killsauce.com