Episode: L.A. TACO Editor Daniel Hernandez

We sit down with Daniel Hernandez, celebrated author, journalist & editor in chief at L.A. TACO. Daniel talks about growing up in San Diego, spending 8 years traveling living in & embracing Mexico City, and why independent journalism is so important in 2018.

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“The Yucatan to me is like Thailand, or it’s like, if I’m in Burma or Indonesia or Miramar. It’s just like this far off, tropical place. The people there have been there for thousands of years. Their Spanish is so different. It’s full of x’s and k’s and tz’s you know, because of the Mayan root. And their names are kind of filled with these strange letters. To me it’s a different country and so many parts of Mexico feel that way.” – Daniel Hernandez

Listen to the episode:

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