Episode: Pablito’s Tacos

Beef Heart. Who knew it was the most eaten street food in Peru? Danny Rodriguez of Pablito’s Tacos does, and he’s serving it up in Burbank, California. We sat down with Danny to talk about how he combines Tijuana and Peruvian styles together to make some of the best tacos in the Valley, from a taco stand in front of his Peruvian restaurant, Pablito’s Kitchen.

“Having that little bit of integration of people who are coming here to the restaurant who may get a couple of tacos. Or the other way, which has happened more often. You know the taco thing went kind of viral. So many people are coming for the tacos who didn’t know about [Pablito’s Kitchen]. –Danny Rodriguez

Listen to the episode:

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Pablito’s Tacos is located at:

3803 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505